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(In)Fertility: Secrets, Struggles, and Successes is for those who are on a fertility journey and are finding their own paths through what can sometimes feel like a wild jungle or a never-ending cave. It can be hard to know where to turn and who to listen to. Should I try this diet? Should I go to this practitioner? Should I do what my friend did? Each person has their own unique experience and own unique body.

Rather than a one size fits all approach, (In)Fertility has gathered great minds and space holders for fertility to create a resource like no other. This is where holistic meets western medicine meets fertility blogger. The stories and modalities in this book aim to open a window to this often private world and take you by the hand to show you around.

Paperback  $20 USD

Baby Got VBAC


Baby Got VBAC is a collection of stories meant to inspire women who have had a previous cesarean birth and are looking into their options for their next birthing experience, particularly into having a vaginal birth after a cesarean.

This book is unique in that a different woman authors each chapter.

Some of these women are VBAC moms, and others are professionals who support VBAC moms.

Each author will bring you into their world where you will get to know their personality and receive their specific wisdom.

 This book is full of healing, knowledge, hope, and inspiration.

Digital  $20 USD

Paperback  $20 USD

Bringing Birth Home


Bringing Birth Home is a collection of stories joining the voices of moms, doulas, midwives, and other birth professionals as they explore the experience of having a home birth after a previous hospital birth. Each story highlights experiences and expertise that have shifted the authors’ paradigms from hospital-based to home-based as they consider birth in general, and specifically for their own families’ journeys. There are many reasons why more and more women are making the big decision to bring their births beyond the hospital and back into the home. Within these pages, you will discover personal stories that will make you laugh and cry, as well as professional, evidence-based information that will help you to make an empowered and informed decision about following a different path with your own birth.

Paperback  $15 USD

Real Connections


Connection Through Community takes the reader on a journey through the stories of 15 people.

Each story gives a perspective on how to attain connection within one’s community.

Connection can be defined as an exchange of energy between people. Each chapter offers a personal experience of connecting to community and making real connections.

Whether it is through processing trauma, cleaning out an old closet, sharing story, or sharing a healthy meal these stories will make you laugh, cry, and gain a newfound sense of self-care in the form of creating deeper connections.

Digital  $10 USD

Paperback  $15 USD

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