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Writing a book in your specific field makes you an expert on your topic and adds validity to your business. Clients are willing to pay more for someone who has written a book on their area of expertise. Books are now also used as a way to market yourself and your skills, bringing in not only higher-paying clients but more clients. Make 2021 your year! 

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"Colleen was charged with publishing a new book for our group of powerful leaders in the well-being, exercise, life-coach sectors. Each contributor was selected to write a story of compassion and community. I was one such author. Colleen led the project- with clarity, zoom discussion, and q & a, giving us confidence and clarity in our writing submission parameters. Herding 14 authors plus the founder, Colleen made it look easy. Top it off with directing the look and feel, editing and design, and, well, Colleen was and is a powerhouse. Before we launched the ebook on Amazon, Colleen coached us on marketing the book to friends and family, with the goal of obtaining best selling status. She instructed us with best practices, handled all our questions, and oversaw the process. We even raised nonprofit donations for We launched our book, Real Connections, Connection through Community, and we were awarded #1 bestseller in four (4) categories!!! If you’re looking to publish your story- reach out to Colleen Reagan Noon before you get ahead of yourself. She’s wise, insightful, talented and results driven. She’s simply the best!!!"

Emma Hart
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